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Sudhir Daya

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Sudhir Daya 
BSc (Hons) MSc PgCert PgDip MCSP PCC

Sudhir is the founder and director of Integrated Health. In the past 20 years, he has treated thousands of athletes, performing artists and office warriors, enabling them to get back to doing the activities that give meaning to their lives.

As implied by the name of his company, Sudhir believes in a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to health, and his training and practice reflect this belief. After graduating with distinction as a chartered physiotherapist (MCSP), Sudhir turned to acupuncture

and ergonomics.


He is a registered member of ACPOHE and regularly provides workstation assessments to keep the office warriors healthy at work.  He now gives lectures and training in acupuncture to other physiotherapists, and sits on the review team for the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists'  journal (in addition to publishing a few research papers himself!). Sudhir is a believer in the re-education of healthy movement patterns.

“Clients ask me to fix their bodies – in most cases, their bodies are in fine working order, but they’re not using their bodies correctly. I tell them to think of their body as their car. They don’t need a mechanic, they need driving lessons.” – Sudhir Daya

Sudhir appreciates the mind-body interaction, and with extensive knowledge and experience in the physical aspect of health, Sudhir decided to supplement his training in the mental aspect of health. He is a qualified transformational life coach (ICF accredited) and clinical hypnotherapist, which he has found to be two missing pieces of the puzzle in helping clients get to the cause of their physical symptoms, as well as curbing unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns. Check out The Life Architect for more details on this.

While Sudhir has many qualifications (you can add hatha yoga and pilates teacher to the list), his most attractive feature may be what he does in his spare time. Sudhir trains in circus arts (flying trapeze, silks, rope, static trapeze),gymnastics (trampolining, tumbling, handstands) and dance (South Asian dance, ballet, contemporary). Unlike many health professionals who tell their clients to stop doing the activity that injured them, Sudhir empathises with what his the clients are going through and helps them set goals that are realistic and functional to their activities.

If he doesn’t believe he has the right expertise to best help a client, then then he will refer them to other members of his team at Integrated Health, and/or draw from the network of handpicked health professionals that he works with in the industry.


Professional body registration numbers:



Private medical insurance provider numbers:


  • Aviva number: 6000 351 09 (please quote Sudhir Daya)

  • WPA number: 9205 19285 (please quote Sudhir Daya)

  • Cigna number: 190964 (please quote Sudhir Daya)

  • BUPA: 80011315 (please quote Integrated Health)




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