Stress Management and HRV

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Stress Management and HRV

At Integrated Health, we understand that almost all of us now lead increasingly busy and demanding lives. For many of us, the challenges we face on a daily basis can trigger stress and quickly drain our energy.

Research informs us that the prevalence and incidence of stress are on the increase. Your stress can be work-related (a high work volume, tight deadlines, lack of support, bullying, etc.) or can be outside of work (family, personal, daily hassles, social, etc.)


Either way, stress is a rapidly evolving area of study due to its putative relationship with ill health and the associated cost with almost 10.4 million working days lost in Great Britain in 2011/12 due to work-related stress.


Managing your stress effectively is, therefore, necessary to increase your levels of energy, improve your sleep, improve your positivity, improve your relationships and increase your peace of mind. Integrated Health offers a variety of options to help you and/or your organisation to manage stress, whether it be a group workshop or a 1-2-1  session. 


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Emotional stress assessment 


I am a certified HeartMath® practitioner, so why not book in for a stress assessment?

HeartMath® technology allows me to measure your stress levels using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and teaches you to change your heart rhythm pattern to increase order and harmony in your mind and body.

This 1 hour one-off face-to-face (F2F) assessment measures your stress levels using Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

This session will consist of:​

  • A brief interview

  • Baseline HRV readings

  • HRV readings under challenge

  • A report

  • Education on stress and stress management

  • Strategies to cope with stress

  • Management plan

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