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  • Stressed?

  • Wanting to make a change in your life?

  • Feeling lost and need someone to talk to?

  • You can feel calm, confident, motivated, healthy and happy with the help of transformational coaching.

What is transformational coaching?


Coaching is the use of open questions to enable a person, group or team to move from where they are to where they want to be through a process of exploration and action.

Transformational coaching is a powerful process where the person uncovers and finds the answers to all their questions and challenges from within themselves. This process of self-discovery can lead to the person living the life they truly want to live and feeling more empowered, energised, focused and happy.

Is coaching like counseling?


There are similarities but coaching tends to be focused on the future, goal-orientated, for a fixed duration and clients come with both positive and problematic issues.

Why choose Sudhir as a coach?


Sudhir came to transformational coaching following a journey of self-development. This journey started with a medical illness and personal struggles, which led him to explore the mind-body interconnection in "dis-ease". He explored a wide array of conventional and complementary therapies, including yoga, meditation, spirituality and self-help, to name a few.

Today, Sudhir strives to try and live a meaningful, purposeful, authentic, balanced and congruent life that is filled with happiness and FUN!

Sudhir wants to help people to live the life they truly want to live. He is an insightful, sensitive coach who works on a deep level and challenges his clients to discover what’s holding them back from fulfilling their potential and living their dreams.

Feedback from our clients


"I enjoyed being coached which hasn't always been the case with other coaches. Sudhir has been using emotions as well as mental/verbal approaches which are quite powerful. Sudhir is a very talented coach who used his knowledge of body and emotions to add to the powerful questions. Very enjoyable sessions, very relaxed and deep at the same time. He was able to be where I was, fully present and at the same time a keen observer. Many thanks for your help". - Claire.

"Sudhir is a warm and friendly coach, able to both support and challenge. He is a good listener and brings awareness through effective questioning. I benefitted from being coached by him and moved more quickly and effectively towards achieving my goals". - Janet.

Uncertain about proceeding?


If you are uncertain about proceeding, then why not book a FREE 30-minute session with Sudhir Daya by contacting him via email:

This session can be via zoom and can be used to identify what brings you to coaching and to determine how the coach can best help you to help yourself.

If after this introductory chat you decide to continue on your journey of self-exploration, then please complete the coaching client agreement and registration form and bring it to your next appointment.

Can you do group coaching and workshops?


Yes, we do offer group coaching and workshops and can tailor these to suit your requirements. Please contact is at for more information.

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