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Clinical Hypnotherapy


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Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Are you stressed?

  • Is anxiety affecting your health and life?

  • Do you have a real phobia?

  • Are you struggling to break a habit?

  • Do you want to improve your sports performance?


You can feel calm, confident, motivated, healthy, and happy with the help of clinical hypnotherapy.



What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?


Simply speaking hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. Clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy, therefore, is the use of an altered state of consciousness, or trance, for a therapeutic endpoint.

This means that people are not treated with hypnosis but rather are treated in hypnosis or trance.

All hypnotic states are characterised by a tremendously pleasant state of relaxation, which individuals allow themselves to enter so that desired, beneficial suggestions may be given directly to the part of the mind known as the unconscious.

Under hypnosis, the conscious, rational analytic part of the brain is temporarily bypassed, making the unconscious part, which influences mental and physical functions, receptive to therapy. During the trance state there is heightened concentration for the specific purpose of maximising potential, changing limiting beliefs and behaviours and gaining insight and wisdom.


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How Does Clinical Hypnotherapy Work?

As per the image below, you can be regarded as a ship facing an iceberg, which represents your issue. Ships tend to be sunk not by the tip of the iceberg but rather by what lies beneath the surface. In the same way, a person can be "sunk" by what lies in their unconscious, in the form of limiting beliefs, unidentified values, past experiences or unhelpful chatter.

Through the hypnotherapy process, we dive beneath the surface of the water to unleash your potential, change unwanted habits and behaviours and find solutions to your problems and concerns via different therapeutic methods such as simple suggestions. 

What is Hypnotherapy Helpful For?


The scientific evidence base is growing and it may be helpful for some of the following situations:


  • Phobias - e.g. spiders, flying, public speaking:

  • Life - stress, unhelpful habits (e.g. nail biting), smoking, low self-esteem;

  • Specific health problems - e.g. persistent pain, IBS, insomnia;

  • Performance - sports/athletes (mental rehearsal to imprint execution).


Why Choose Integrated Health?
  • We provide a detailed assessment, co-creating the management plan with you and integrating other therapies such as life coaching and acupuncture to enhance the overall effect and outcome.

  • Professional: we are registered with the relevant professional bodies

  • We follow ethical guidelines

  • Trustworthy

  • Provide a safe, confidential and comfortable space


How Do I Book a Hypnotherapy Appointment?


Call the Reception Team on 07543 533 497 (no texts). This is a dedicated appointments line with a voicemail feature. Please ask the Reception Team to put you on the cancellation list if you cannot get your desired session. If a slot opens up, then you will be given priority and contacted via text.

Please see the Contact Us page for further information.

You may find the following documents useful: Consent Form

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