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Unlearning unhealthy movement patterns


Healthy movement patterns

At Integrated Health, we offer a variety of movement re-education options including Hatha yoga, Pilates and strength training/rehabilitation.


Movement re-education can be incorporated into a standard physiotherapy or osteopathy session in the form of exercises or it can occur in a dedicated session. 

Movement re-education can be tailored to your particular problem , for example. hypermobility to ensure that the practice is safe, appropriate and therapeutic for you.


We may use small props  (small balls, gym balls, foam rollers, bands, blocks) to assist or challenge you. Despite being trained in Pilates equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Split Pedal Chair) we do not offer it at the clinic and refer clients to specialist studios.

Feedback from other clients:


“A massive thanks for all you have done for me over the last 4-5 months post surgery. You have been a great help getting my hip back to normal, helping me integrate my rehab into my yogi life and keeping me motivated and sane. You are a talented professional” - Claire

“Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of alignment” - Ian

"Sudhir has continued to impress, inspire and motivate: he is the best, most knowledgable, most perceptive pilates teacher I have come across." - Sarah

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