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Ludovica Gagliardi

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Ludovica Gagliardi

Ludovica is a woman who always loved movement and sports starting from a young age when she was a professional rhythmic gymnast until now when she fills her days with climbing, yoga, running, cycling and many other sports; this passion brought her to become a physiotherapist specialised in sport rehabilitation. Since graduating she has been working with elite athletes from many different sports and backgrounds helping them reaching their recovery goals and beyond. 


Her aim is for her patients to finish rehabilitation feeling even stronger and more confident in their bodies than when they started.

She specialises in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation and is a strong believer of the ‘exercise is medicine’ philosophy. 


Treatments she offers are:

  • full musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis

  • postural assessment

  • massage

  • manual techniques

  • acupuncture

  • strength & conditioning exercise prescription

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